One of the most common infections known to humans is a mild gum infection called gingivitis. This infection is caused by an accumulation of plaque, biofilm and calculus (tarter) around your teeth. Plaque and biofilm is a soft material made up of bacteria (germs), which can be removed daily with proper flossing and brushing. If the plaque stays around the teeth for 24 hours, it will harden on the tooth and form calculus (tarter). This calculus (tarter) adheres too firmly to the tooth for you to be able to remove it at home. The bacteria (germs) in the plaque, biofilm and calculus directly cause the gingivitis (gum) infection and will lead to a bone infection called periodontitis (pyorrhea) over time. This infection causes the bone, which supports the tooth, to melt away. Eventually, there is not enough bone left to hold the tooth in place and it becomes loose and is lost. This can all be prevented easily and inexpensively with a thorough dental cleaning. Dr. Horak recommends a routine dental cleaning by one of our skilled dental hygienists at least twice a year. Your dental hygienist will also provide you with all the instructions and techniques that you need so that you will be able to prevent this disease from occurring. If necessary, we offer periodontal treatments to get your gums and oral health back on track.

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