Cosmetic dentist, Bryan Horak, uses a new bleaching process that easily and quickly helps whiten and brighten your teeth that have been darkened by aging or stained and discolored from drinking tea, coffee, red wine or from smoking. This bleaching technique uses a customized, small tray made from impressions taken in our office. These customized trays are then worn for about an hour each day at your leisure at home. We will demonstrate for you how to place the bleaching agent in the trays and make sure that you have all the proper instructions so you can begin the process of whitening your teeth. We meet with you weekly to assess the progress you have made by comparing the original color of your teeth with the changes you have made until you reach your desired goal. Dr. Horak has seen the results to be quite stable and long lasting and it is quick and easy to just touch up the results any time you like with some extra bleach. He has found that his patients are really excited when they see how youthful and great their smile looks after bleaching treatment.

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