The new porcelain or ceramic crowns today give us the ability to achieve incredible esthetic results along with enhanced strength that we have never seen before. Porcelain crowns are used to treat many cosmetic and functional problems including protecting teeth that have been weakened due to very large fillings, teeth weakened as a result of root canal therapy, cracked teeth, fractured or broken teeth, worn down teeth, short looking teeth, teeth with small spaces or food traps between them, misaligned or crooked teeth, and many stained and discolored teeth. Whereas old porcelain fused to metal crowns often showed an unsightly, dark line around the gum tissue, new porcelain crowns look exactly like natural teeth at the gum line. With meticulous care and skill, Dr. Horak, can restore your teeth to their natural colors, natural tooth form and contour, surface textures, light reflection, and translucency to duplicate what nature provided you.

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