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About Us

Our dental office is committed to providing you with an exceptional quality experience and cutting edge dental care that you deserve. We believe this can only be achieved by spending the time it takes to establish relationships with our patients and providing you with a personalized one-on-one experience. We strive to focus our undivided attention on you and your dental needs in a warm, inviting, respectful, supportive environment.

Our goal for all our patients is to help you keep your teeth healthy, comfortable, looking great and functioning properly for a lifetime. We begin our relationship together by intently listening non-judgmentally to your “dental story”, your concerns and the goals you have for your oral health. Together we then proceed with a very thorough, comprehensive evaluation that enables you as a patient and we as dental professionals to learn more about your mouth and oral condition. With the information that we gather we will put a master plan together that will contain recommendations for prevention and a course of treatment that will be in your best interest. Together we will review all treatment choices that are available to meet your goals along with the risks and benefits that may result from your treatment decisions.

Our experienced dental team will assist you thru the various phases of your treatment in a timely, effective manner so you can achieve your desired results. I believe that you’ll find our office is most always “on schedule” so we can be very respectful of your time and busy schedule. We understand that dentistry can create worries and anxiety. Our promise to you is that we will handle every procedure from a smile makeover, to TMJ treatment, with the highest degree of care, skill and judgment so as to ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible. We are meticulous in using techniques, dental materials, and technologies that are on the cutting edge of dentistry. We also place a great deal of attention to infection control as a priority for your safety and protection.

We think it is no mistake that typically patients in our practice:

  • Have a high level of health awareness
  • Truly value excellence and quality care
  • Desire to be fully informed and to participate in decision making regarding their treatment
  • Refer friends with similar values to our practice, for which we are truly grateful

We consider it a great privilege to serve the patients who have chosen us to be their dental health provider. It is a privilege that we do not take lightly and for which we are extremely thankful.